Content Delivery Networks – How they can help you!

Content Delivery Networks CDN

Why do I need a Content Delivery Network? If you own a website or sell digital downloads, you need a Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s). Normally a website, or digital download file, is hosting located in one place. If that is a popular website/file and many people try and access it at once you can become very slow or even crash […]

Pet Technology – Cool gadgets

Pet Technology

I’m sure, like me, some of you have monitored your pets with a basic web cam to see what they get up to while you’re away. It’s nice to be able to make sure they are ok or see who ate your favourite pair of shoes! Well, the world of Pet Technology is starting to boom […]

CTB Locker encryption removal process


CTB -Locker I had another client with an encryption virus this morning. CTB Locker has been around for while but there’s a fresh new variant. This one came in the form of an email bill from AGL electricity and looks quite authentic. As we have learned in previous blog posts about cryptolocker, the evidence of a scam […]

SMS Bank Scam Warning – Stay alert

ANZ mobile banking scam screenshot jpg

SMS Bank Scam Warning ACMA warns of current SMS bank scam targeting Australasian banks All mobile phone users please be aware of a new sophisticated SMS phishing scam currently going around. Criminals are targeting mobile phone banking customers in Australia and New Zealand. The SMS includes a short message and a link to a URL that […]

Ransomware – Remove AFP & FBI virus from Android

Android Ransomeware

Android Ransomware How to Remove AFP or FBI virus from Android phones If your Android tablet or smartphone is locked up & you’re seeing an “ATTENTION! Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons” notification from a Australian Federal Police (or similar) asking you to pay a fine via Paysafecard code, then your Android device is infected with a […]

Overheating Computer Repairs – Cleaning the Heat Sink & Fans

Before and after photo of an overheating computer with blocked Heat Sink.

The most common problem with an overheating computer is the heat sink and fans being clogged with dust and debris. The dust is an insulator. Heating causes components to expand and contract (when it’s on and off) but when it gets dangerously hot it will cause your computer to crash. As you can see from the […]

Ransomware – The 2016 Prediction

2016 The Year Of Ransomware

Ransomware is your worst nightmare! Several of my clients were hit with this, some more than once, over the last 12 months. I’ve written a couple of blog posts about it already and here I am again to let you know that this is going to get worse. All the major internet security companies are flagging […]

PureVPN – False advertising – Be carefull

False Advertising

PureVPN – My bad experience PureVPN promises you “7 Days Money-Back Guarantee. Try Risk Free!” It’s the main selling point before you sign up. There is no *Terms & Conditions Apply! I tested it, it didn’t work the way i wanted to, asked for a refund within 24 hours and was denied due to me not […]

Samsung SideSync

samsung sidesync

A new version of Samsung SideSync was recently launched and I had the opportunity to review it today. Basically it’s a virtual version of your phone replicated/integrated on your computer or tablet screen for super fast access. As you would expect the synchronisation is pretty quick. And yes, you can answer your calls, emails, SMS’s […]