Microsoft Computer Repairs & Laptop Repairs

Microsoft Computer Repairs & Laptop Repairs
Microsoft Computer Repairs & Laptop Repairs

Microsoft Computer Repairs, Microsoft laptop Repairs & Microsoft notebook Repairs

Microsoft are one of the latest players in the laptop and 2 in 1 market. It’s a very compact device and as such has been known to be easily damaged.

If your Microsoft laptop is running slow or stopped working, Computer Emergency can help you. Most common Microsoft laptop problems can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

We come to your location, almost anywhere in Brisbane for computer repairs. Some of the problems we encounter and repair are:

Hard Drive Failure and Data Recovery

Hard drive crashed? Cant see your hard drive? We have over a 95% success rate for hard drive recovery. The process can take from a few hours to a few months depending on the issue. We’ll come to you, assess the drive and advise of how long the repair will take.

To give yourself the best chance of recovery, turn off your hard drive immediately & call us now! Don’t forget to ask about our backup plans to save you next time!

Microsoft LCD Replacement, LED Screen Replacement

Does your Microsoft laptop sound like it’s booting up but the screen stays black? Can you see dead pixels, lines and cracks across the screen? We offer same day replacement of all major brands. We can pick the laptop up from you, replace the screen and return it all within a few hours. Express service!

Keyboard Replacement

If you’ve spilled water or your keys have stopped working, a keyboard replacement is a fast and easy fix. We have access to genuine replacement keyboards as well as cheaper after market ones. Whether you have a standard keyboard or a backlit LED keyboard, we can help.

Our hardware Repairs include:

  • Microsoft Laptop wont boot or turn on
  • Microsoft Laptop LCD screen is cracked
  • Microsoft Laptop is over heating
  • Microsoft Laptop keyboard replacement / repair
  • Microsoft Laptop power supply Repairs
  • Microsoft Laptop hard drive failure
  • Microsoft Power jack Repairs
  • Microsoft RAM upgrade (memory)
  • Microsoft liquid spills (drink, water, coffee, tea, wine)
  • Microsoft heatsink, dust cleaning and ant removal

Our software Repairs include:

  • Laptop & desktop Virus Removal
  • Remove popup ads and malware from laptop
  • Data Recovery and hard drive services (crashed laptop hard drives)
  • Laptop file and data backup services
  • Laptop Windows operating system upgrades
  • Transfer of data from old to new laptop
  • Upgrades for slow laptops
  • Solve problems with “blue screens of death” BSOD