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Computer Emergency strives to give you the best price on our services as well as our equipment upgrades and recommendations.

Service Prices

We offer an affordable 24 hour computer repair service to the people of Gosford and our service prices cover all travel time, tolls, petrol & parking for those in the Central Coast service area. There are no hidden fees for you to worry about. You get our flat hourly rate, 24 hours per day. No nasty little bill surprises. If you’re price comparing our fees, make sure you read the fine print on competitors pages.

You will be dealing with the owner of the business whose main priority is satisfaction so you can expect outstanding customer service. After all, your satisfaction means repeat business.

Being a sole trader allows us to give you a personal service where we can build a long trustworthy business relationship with you. It also helps keep our overheads low so we can always give you an excellent price for all software and hardware purchases.

There are a stack of testimonials and reviews for you to read. They are from real people and real businesses in Australia and abroad.

Equipment Recommendations

Our equipment recommendations are based your needs as well as our experience with products and industry reputation. Sometimes these quality items can be pricey so compromises can be made to suit your budget. Please keep in mind that quality and longevity can start to decrease with some lower end products.

We currently have a great prices for IT equipment around the globe so sometimes you might have the option to either repair or replace your computer. We provide an initial estimate on every job to assist in these decisions. If you proceed with the repair, we will keep you up to date throughout the whole process.

Whether you are looking for high quality or cheap Computer Repairs, we can help!

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