Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks CDN

Why do I need a Content Delivery Network?

If you own a website or sell digital downloads, you need a Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s). Normally a website, or digital download file, is hosting located in one place. If that is a popular website/file and many people try and access it at once you can become very slow or even crash the server. Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) are a network of servers that are linked up and sync’d up to allow delivery of content to locations across the globe. Eg someone living in Brisbane would have their files delivered from a server in Australia, someone in London would have their content delivered from a server in the UK. This reduces both server load and increases the speed of delivery.

  • Speed – Once we started using a CDN on our site, our site got faster.
  • Crash Resistance – Reduces the load on the website server and shares it with multiple servers
  • Improved User Experience – With a page speed increase you usually get a decline in bounce rate. This usually translates to increased page views as well.
  • SEO Boost – Google has repeatedly stated that if you have a fast site you usually get rank higher in Search Engines. We can confirm this with our own site!

Our current Content Delivery Network Project

We are currently planning a global ebook sale for a client here in Brisbane. I’m currently watching our test file load and sync up content between servers located in Amsterdam, Chennai, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Mexico, Milan, Montreal, Paris, Sao Paulo, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto & Washington. It’s such an amazing thing when you are sitting watching it happen and it’s inspired this post.

Our last project was an online video course with content being delivered around the world. It’s extremely important to have all videos streaming clearly so a content delivery network was used.

Is it easy to use a Content Delivery Network?

In short, yes! For most websites and digital file downloads, setup can be done in minutes and you can be getting benefits within hours.

Do you use a Content Delivery Network

We also incorporate content delivery networks in our website and downloads to deliver our images, scripting files, movies and music.

Is it expensive to use a Content Delivery Network?

It’s a competitive market and that means pricing is very good at the moment. Pricing is based on the amount of data delivered but for a standard website it could be as little as $25/month and the benefits in page loading speed is usually amazing. Remembering that the faster a page loads, the less waiting the user does and the more likely they are to purchase something or call you.