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What is Graphic design?

Graphic design is the act of planning, designing, and production of visual communications, meant to deliver specific message with a definite objective. Graphic design will help to graphically connect concepts, content as well as the values of your business.

Graphic design is certainly an essential element of marketing design that must not be ignored. It is created by professionals who are imaginative, artistic and believe in delivering your specific message by graphic design to creating a brand for you in the marketplace.

The Relevance of Graphic Design:

Graphic Design is a vital component in business which drives advertising and marketing in addition to attracting clients to your brand. Graphic Design is really useful to our daily business existence. In fact, designs can be found all over the place, whether it is print media, Product packaging, Company branding, websites, banners, etc. Graphic Design provides your business a face through visual expression that seeing it along, one will have the mental picture of your product in his mind. The world is shrinking daily with the ever-increasing attainment of technological innovations; the necessity of an attention grabbing graphics now has become ever more invaluable to your company.

To make a highly effective and excellent marketing design, you need to appreciate the value of a powerful “call-to-action” in addition to graphic that vividly conveys your business marketing message. Therefore, it is essential that the design marketing and advertising message to be in accordance with the business vision.

The level of competition is increasing daily such that most businesses are now initiating their unique marketing plans in order to thrive in the marketplace. Consequently, in marketing and advertising, logo concept as well as other designs can be very beneficial in business marketing. Branding is very vital for the success of any enterprise. Successful brand marketing by means of advertising campaigns besides other types of marketing strategies can improve brand popularity with clients. The ability to remember a company’s brand assists to build and boost your client base; as a result, good designs should be an important element of any kind of marketing and advertising.

Graphic design is an effective tool that should be appropriately employed in design branding for marketing and advertising communications. Also, such Brand marketing includes; business trademarks, letterheads and others designs to express to clients about the image of the company they’re doing business with. These are definitely the most valuable promotional efforts simply because they are quick and simple to recall. It means that clients could readily recognize many types of signage or logos and easily relate it with your business; as a result you will be building a loyal client base.

Therefore, by using a professional graphics designer for your brand advertising and marketing, it will guarantee that the best company image is expressed to potential clients. Branding helps to impact your target market. Brand advertising and marketing attracts the relevant clients to your products or services that the business offers.

Indeed, your marketing campaign does not necessarily need to be too sophisticated. It might be something as easy as a professionally designed business logo, or banner in the emails marketing delivered to your clients and vendors. We can create and deliver branding business cards which you can present at anytime and anywhere, also invoices, letterheads, receipts and business logos All these are helpful methods of making certain that brand marketing is successful.

Hence, in order to ensure successful brand marketing, it is advisable to consider professional graphic designers that can satisfy your company’s marketing needs and that will be happy to pay attention to your narrative.

The Reasons Why Graphic Design is Worthwhile in Marketing and Advertising

Are you a business owner? It’s possible you have several issues to deal with in the course of your regular business routines, and that means you could possibly not give attention to the necessity for professionally graphic designs. Yet, you must realize the need for using high quality graphic to drive traffic which undoubtedly is a key strategy to building and sustaining a profitable business.

The factors below highlight the benefits of graphic design to your business.

Brand Popularity

Any company’s overall brand image begins with a powerful logo and then grows to all facets of your company. Your business design has to really target your market in a manner that is well-designed, eye-catching, and of high quality. Your brand designs must present a quick connection to the services and products you’re offering therefore, you require an outstanding graphic design to get such bond.

Company Unity

If your goal is to have a happy and strong work environment, those workers therefore, must stand in unison behind the designs you have decided on to portray your brand. Establishing your business image or uniqueness begins from the inside of you, accordingly, your staff members should be dedicated to the company branding. Employing great graphic design can easily enhance the sense of responsibility in your staff members.

Professionalism and trust

Do you want your company to have an incredible first impression on customers and suppliers? Then great graphic design, for instance your company logo has less than a second to make the very first impact. However, any design that has less visual appeal is going to have a poor image of your business, which takes hard work to eradicate the feeling that your business is not able to afford quality designs.


The effectiveness of graphic design goes beyond your company logo and website. Graphic design actually tends to deliver visual effects that can help convey your message to clients and potential customers. Any infographic image really communicates your business message and vision that may not be uttered with words only. It’s important therefore to use carefully designed graphics to establish a favorable image of your business in order to prevent misconception in the minds of potential customers. .

Productivity and Effectiveness

A poorly designed graphics could adversely affect employees’ efficiency and also overall workplace performance. Your company’s website is another design aspect of your business whereby people can easily notice if it’s badly designed. Your business website is very important to promoting the image of your business and should have meaningful functionality, for example easy navigation, readable web fonts in addition to suitable shades. Any website that is poorly designed will likely be a problem for both employees and customers.

Save Money

Seriously, poorly designed graphics can be quite uneconomical. Because you choose to use a low-priced design, you would possibly have an uninteresting design that will not be ready to meet up with printing and if the design is not able to meet printing requirement, then you might find yourself investing more cash on a fresh designs. However, a professional graphics designer can deliver designs that are not too pricey to produce. Therefore, it’s important that you go for competent designer in order not to spend a huge amount of your budget on a poor design.

Bottom line

Disregarding your company’s graphic design requirements might have adverse impact on your customers, suppliers, as well as your workforce. But using the right designs will certainly enhance every part of your company marketing and advertising effort. Good graphic designs not just present good image of your brand but also it helps to communicate your message in the most effective manner. There’s a false belief that presentation design is simply pretty images, however it’s communication of well-organized, well planned marketing and advertising designs that present all your concept and ideas in just an interesting and eye-catching package.

What programs do you use?

We have been doing graphic design & web design projects for clients in Brisbane and all over Australia since 1999. We use the Adobe Master Suite and its programs such as, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver and Flash. We also have access to professional stock photographs, vectors and templates.

What types of things do you design?

  • Animations
  • Annual Reports
  • App Design
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Corporate Communications
  • Environment Design
  • Illustrations
  • Invitations
  • Merchandise (clothing, lanyards, key rings, stationery etc)
  • Nightlife HDMS Slides
  • Outdoor Banners & Billboards
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Packaging Design
  • Point of Sale Material (POS)
  • Posters & flyers
  • Product Catalogues
  • Promotional DVDs & videos
  • Promotional Installations
  • Website Design

Graphic Design Sample Artwork

Below is a quick selection of graphic design projects for DJs and Bands in the entertainment industry. We can accommodate any style or genre your graphic design project requires so please feel free to drop us a line for a chat or a list of our latest clients/designs.

Our graphic design artwork has featured in print magazines, on products, posters and banners around the world including Australia, Japan, USA, Dubai & New Zealand.

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