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Hard Drive Recovery
Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery – Hard Drives, Phones & USB Flash Drives

Hard drive recovery and data recovery is a tricky task but we have successfully recovered data from 99% of hard drives to date. This includes drives Apple and computer stores have advised clients were dead.

With our free 15 minute assessment, you have nothing to lose. We can tell you within that time whether we will be able to help save your files.

If you have accidentally deleted your files or reformatted your hard drive, turn your computer off now and call us. Your files can be saved as long as you don’t rewrite over them. Even though you may have hit the delete button, the files remain on the drive until they are written over again. Turning your computer off immediately stops them from being written over and helps us in the hard drive recovery process.

If your computer wont boot, if you are having start up problems or if you can hear a clicking sound, your hard drive may need replacing. If your files are extremely important you should turn off your computer can call us. Can you see a theme here?

We can restore, repair or save your valuable files and memories if you call us as soon as the accident occurs.

Feel free to call is direct or one of our partners across the Brisbane. Don’t forget to mention our name. 

Common problems for Hard Drives, Phones & USB Flash Drives

Data recovery can help if your hard drive is working but it is very slow or you can’t copy files to/from it you may have bad sectors. Even if your hard drive seems to be working properly, it’s possible for bad sectors to develop and corrupt some of your data.

Accidentally deleting photos and files from your computer or phone can be very stressful. If this happens, check the device rubbish bin first but if you cant restore them the safest thing to do is turn off your computer. Downloading and installing anything can overwrite the spot on the drive where your files used to be. We can recover deleted files from most devices.

If you have accidentally reformatted your computer, most of your files can usually still be recovered. Again, turning your computer off as soon as possible will help prevent any further loss.

A common hard drive symptom is clicking and ticking noises. This can be caused by the heads and is often the result of dropping / knocking your hard drive. Should the damage be extreme, we can offer data recovery via a clean room (dust free environment).

USB flash drive recovery can be done on drives that have stopped reading or if the USB connector has bent/snapped.

A lot of businesses and home users use RAID and network attached storage (NAS) for their data. We can provide a fast and cost effective solution for even the largest of RAIDs.

What kind of hard drives can you recover data from?

Hard Drive Recovery prices and success rates

We have a recovery rate of over 95%. The cheapest data recovery we have done was $200 and the most expensive repair we’ve ever done was under $800. (Some businesses are known to be around the $3000 mark) Each case will be different but we will give you a free initial assessment or a $75 full assessment for major failures (which will come off the total bill should you wish to proceed) As always, if we can’t get your data back, you only pay the $75 assessment fee.

Most recoveries can be done in house but should your drive need major Repairs then it will be sent to our specialist partner. Wait times can be 24 hours to 8 weeks depending on the severity of the damage, the ease of replacement parts, and how busy it is. (Summer can be particularly busy with electrical storms causing issues)

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Doctor Data Recovery Our mission is to provide fast, reliable data recovery service at an affordable price to businesses and individuals in the Brisbane area. We believe in working hard and delivering the best service possible in a friendly and professional manner.