Laptop Screen Replacement Brisbane

Computer Emergency is a Laptop Screen Replacement specialist. We can repair and replace cracked, broken, damaged, smashed or flickering LCD and LED screens. We replace PC screens, Laptop screens & Notebook screens in around 3 to hours. We are excellent value for money as we pick up your computer, replace the screen and return it to you!

Don’t get talked into buying a whole new computer because a replacement screen is very cost-effective. Laptop screen replacement & PC screen replacements start at just $300 including pick up, removal of old screen, installation of new screen and return to you. Screens come in different sizes with different technologies so prices do vary slightly.

If you are looking to replace your screen, give our computer repair technician a call. Please have your computer brand and model number ready so we can check up on current prices. We have access to Australia’s #1 LCD & LED Screen supplier so we can give you the best price possible for your screen replacement.

We can also do on site inspections for any screens that are simply not behaving the way they should. Sometimes it can be a simple fix that doesn’t involve replacement.

Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane
Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane


Touch Screen Replacement

Touch screen computers are become more common now. They are a great advance in technology but please be aware that this extra technology means that they are more expensive than a non touch screen. Touch screens can be up to $600 to replace so please be careful! Turn around time is usually 1 to 7 days for the screens to arrive from the warehouse.

How to prevent your laptop screen from cracking

Laptop screens are very thin, fragile & sensitive so treat them with care. The slightest force or twist can easily crack or damage the screen.

Always open and adjust your laptop screen from the top/centre of the screen. Do not use the sides or corners as it twists the screen and causes stress to the fragile sides.

As with the rest of your components, the screen is also sensitive to the elements so don’t leave it in the extreme cold or heat. The summer heat on the Brisbane can cause a car interior to heat up to over 60 decrees in under 5 minutes.

How can I get my Laptop Screen Replaced?

Please use the booking form below and make sure to include your BRAND – Model & Serial so we can get you a quote. We’ll check out current prices with suppliers and call you back within  about15 minutes with a quote. If you’re close to us, we’ll even pick up your computer, repair it and drop it back to you.

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