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Server Maintenance Brisbane
Server Maintenance Brisbane

Professional and Reliable Computer Server Maintenance

Computer Emergency can provide remote server maintenance and information technology support for your business both on an “as needed” basis complimented through a scheduled maintenance plan (health check). Our monthly health check is designed to be pro-active. Our aim is to prevent failures by keeping your system well maintained. Unless we do this, your ITC systems will be prone to unexpected failure requiring emergency response that is costly both in terms of downtime and productivity.

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On Demand Remote Server Maintenance & Support

Experience shows us that customers cannot always wait until their next monthly maintenance schedule to group tasks together. Often issues need to be addressed promptly and depending on the task required, assistance can be provided same day, next day or an appointment can be made. Examples of types of support issues include:-


The system is non-operational or severely affected. Computer Emergency will provide telephone support or remote support within 2.0hrs (worst case). Where required, on site service will be scheduled with best effort to attend within 4.0hrs. We recognize that urgent issues take priority and where possible will leave one site un-finished (but operational) in order to resolve an urgent problem. Clients tend to understand this priority system since one day they may be in need of urgent service themselves.


The system is moderately affected however still operational (work around available). Computer Emergency will provide telephone support or remote support within 4.0hrs (worst case) that more than likely will resolve the issue. Where required, on site service will be scheduled for next business day.


A minor problem has been found which may require investigation and solving at some time in the future. A suitable time to address this problem is agreed between the client and Computer Emergency.

Examples of “As needed or On Demand” support services include but are not limited to:-

  • Setup of new users and email accounts.
  • Installation and configuration of servers, desktops, laptops and printers.
  • Exchange server maintenance including public folders etc.
  • Installation and relocation of IT equipment.
  • Technology needs analysis reviews.
  • Installing and configuring of new software (where supported).
  • Antivirus installation and configuration.
  • Backup software installation and configuration.
  • Internet connections – fibre, SHDSL, ADSL(2+) & wireless.
  • Remote access to corporate data and email.
  • Router and firewall installation and configuration.
  • Documentation of procedures.
  • Facilitating hardware support agreements with vendors.
  • Facilitating software support subscription agreements with vendors.
  • Project management on new technology – liaise with vendor etc.
  • Data and voice cabling systems.
  • VPN office to office connections.
  • Offsite backup strategies (remote data center via secure internet connection).
Monthly Server Maintenance Plan

Designed to keep your systems running smoothly, Computer Emergency recommends a scheduled planned “health check” be performed on a monthly basis. Your monthly health check has the advantage of being pro-active and often shows up potential problems before they occur.

The monthly maintenance plan assists in determining the current health of your system. A simple report is provided to management each month via email.

Below is a list of tasks that are performed for the more comprehensive maintenance schedule.

  • Office database maintenance & check on-disk backups. (This is already performed).
  • Check system, application and security event logs.
  • Check free hard disk space.
  • Check RAID array / Hard Drive Management.
  • Apply relevant Microsoft patches and service packs.
  • Check Router uptime test.
  • Test restore from backup, Check all backup event logs, Update System State Backup.
  • Check Virus Protection, Check Virus definitions & security alerts, Check Virus scan logs.
  • Check or Delete quarantined files.
  • Check Exchange database sizes.
  • Test UPS and check configuration, Check battery life.
Hardware Maintenance Plan

Computer Emergency can supply hardware from all the major vendors to ensure the best price & a quote will be supplied for your approval before purchase. Hardware maintenance is a critical part of any business that depends on their computer network & is recommended.

Products supplied by Computer Emergency are subject to manufacturer’s warranty. This can be return to base warranty or onsite (preferred). To provide our clients with the highest level of support and satisfaction Computer Emergency recommends that clients purchase manufactures on site warranty if not already included with the product. This is available both during standard and post warranty periods.

Enhanced manufacturer’s warranty offers a number of options including next business day (NBD) and same business day (4.0hrs) on site service whereby the faulty equipment is repaired professionally and promptly by the supporting manufacturer. Clearly through economies of scale and availability of parts, this service is far more efficient than relying on 3rd parties to source costly components.

Computer Emergency highly recommend that all businesses ensure that their core IT components (servers, routers, firewalls, workgroup printers / digital copiers etc) are protected by enhanced manufactures warranty so that management can be sure that in the event of a failure downtime is absolutely minimal.

Computer Emergency can facilitate hardware warranty from all major hardware manufacturers. For equipment out of standard warranty, post warranty solutions can be taken up to reduce downtime!

In the event of a hardware failure our process is:

  • Client logs call with Computer Emergency.
  • Computer Emergency determines type and severity of failure. Onsite visit maybe required.
  • If it is a hardware failure, Computer Emergency would co-ordinate with the hardware manufacturer.
  • Computer Emergency to keep client informed including ETA on resolution.
  • If necessary, Computer Emergency would re-install / reconfigure software or OS at the hourly charge.

Hourly rate – $150 including GST (15min blocks).
Monthly Maintenance Check – budget 3.0hrs ($420 a month) Remote Health Check & Office database maintenance.


  • Computer Emergency believes a contract is not needed due to customer satisfactory over the years we have been in business. We also believe if a customer is not happy with our service they would terminate the contract anyway.
  • Current client references can be supplied at your request.
  • There are no call out fees for on-site visits.
  • Computer Emergency is contactable 365 days of the year whether on holidays or not. If on holidays & the issue cannot be resolved remotely then another technician will be organised to come on-site if needed.

Consulting & disbursements (billed weekly or monthly) Hardware, software, vendor support agreements. On site Repairs billed on the spot.


Computer Emergency, its agents or sub-contractors shall not divulge confidential customer information associated with the service provided to any party without the customer’s consent. However, Computer Emergency shall bear no responsibility for disclosure where such information or data is publicly available, is already in the possession of Computer Emergency, known to them or is obtained by Computer Emergency from a 3rd party.


Computer Emergency shall exercise due care in providing it’s services but shall not be liable for any damages caused by an Act of God, fire, public demonstration, riots, terrorism, war, strikes, blackouts, Government Act Regulation, malfunction of computer or data communication equipment or facility, environment or any other causes beyond the control of Computer Emergency.

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