PureVPN – False advertising – Be carefull

False Advertising

PureVPN – My bad experience

PureVPN promises you “7 Days Money-Back Guarantee. Try Risk Free!” It’s the main selling point before you sign up. There is no *Terms & Conditions Apply!

I tested it, it didn’t work the way i wanted to, asked for a refund within 24 hours and was denied due to me not meeting the requirements of the terms and conditions, which I might add, are hidden.

After several emails backward and forwards, getting nowhere, I opened a paypal dispute to try and get my money refunded by them. It’s straight up false advertising. Stay tuned… Friends & colleagues, I DO NOT RECOMMEND PureVPN!

Quick Update

Celebrating a little victory against PureVPN. Message from PayPal today “We’re happy to let you know that we’ve now completed our review and have decided Case XXX in your favour.”

Common sense prevails. They have now removed that guarantee sales pitch from the page all together. #winning